On January 17, 2017 I was the owner of Cape Cod’s largest distribution of Free Magazines and Brochures. The business had tripled in size and we were ready to branch off into Publishing and advertising. We had just launched a successful magazine and things were going very well. That morning started like any other, 20 miles on the bike, you see I was training for Ironman. If you do not know what ironman is, it is a 140-mile race, I linked to Ironman Triathlon for you.

I went to the office, sent out marketing emails, confirmed shipments for the upcoming week, roughly 30 pallets of magazines were coming in, and I went to pick up magazines, and meet some customers. All in a day’s work. That night I was going to swim in a Masters Swim group for 2 hours.

A funny thing happened to me, about 5:45 PM 15 minutes into my workout the water felt cold on the right side of my body, that was weird, then I got out of the pool, I thought I pulled something. Then I couldn’t touch my nose, I blacked out, and before you know it I was headed to the hospital having a stroke. You see my Vertabal Artery dissected, I had no idea I had a vertabal artery or what they did, you have 2 that feed blood into your brain. They run up the back of your neck. Most dissections heel instantly, about 1% don’t and when they don’t a flap intersects the blood and creates a clot. Eventually, the clot breaks free and goes to your brain. When that happens, you have a stroke. I was 49 years old. A triathlete. Literally in the best shape of my life and crushing my career and life goals. Then it all changed.

I did this interview with Bill Monroe in 2018, and I talked about many things. Some you may find interesting, some you may not. Here is the thing, after my dissection it took two years before I was 100% cleared and back to normal even though I had a great recovery. I was not going to be able to run the business as I previously had, so I had to sell my business. 6 months later I accomplished this because I was prepared to do so. My business was set up in many ways like a franchise, we did things a certain way, and it made the operations run efficient and smooth.

Here is the link to the episode, https://strokecast.com/2018/09/21/episode-032-meet-tom-hannon/.

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